Hi! I’m Kelly, and I’m here to help you rediscover your energy, body confidence, and a healthy weight – without dieting or daily scale check-ins. In fact, we’re going to throw away that scale and learn how to intuitively eat, move, and live. 

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What IS the FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

✔️ Eating whole foods

✔️ Moving your body in ways that feel good and work for you

✔️ Building a strong, healthy body full of energy

✔️ Community & support

✔️ Fueling your body on a smart schedule

FASTer Way is all about:

✔️ Eliminating macronutrients or food groups

✔️ Excessive cardio training or hours-long workouts

✔️ Losing weight to hit a number on the scale or on a clothing tag

✔️ Shame & competition

✔️ Skipping meals or crash dieting

FASTer Way is NOT about:


People often ask me, “Kelly! How do you do it all?!” The truth is – with a lot of help AND with FASTer Way. 

Before I started FASTer Way, I was exhausted. I thought being tired, feeling sluggish and bloated, and barely making it through the day was just part of being a mom.

I accepted that I would just feel like that until my kids were grown. 

Turns out, I had massively imbalanced hormones and wasn’t feeding my body enough to perform its basic functions! I needed to eat more – more whole foods, more carbs, more regularly.

And those excruciating workouts I was forcing myself through? Those were putting more stress on my body, raising my cortisol levels, and actually working against me.

Finding FASTer Way felt like finding a miracle.

Suddenly, I was losing baby weight that I thought might never come off. I had so much energy that I still had time to hang out with my husband and enjoy life after bedtime. I could chase my 8 beautiful children around and keep up with them all day, instead of struggling along behind them.

I threw away my scale and started noticing real changes in my body – increased energy, better skin, fewer inches and clothes that fit better than ever, and so much confidence. 

I knew FASTer Way was the answer I had given up hope of ever finding. After seeing the incredible results in my own life, I knew I had to help other women experience the same in theirs! And I’ve never looked back.


FASTer Way

What my clients' have to say...

I joined the FASTer Way in August of 2019. I have found that this has been the easiest way for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Its simplicity and ease of workouts have been a huge bonus. I am not one that loves to exercise – however, I always tell myself: “I can do anything for 30 minutes.” I really have implemented this program into my daily life and now I have formed healthy habits, that are easy for me to maintain. In addition to losing weight, I feel healthier, no inflammation and I am more confident in my own skin. You just cannot put a price tag on having a healthy self-esteem. I am grateful for my coach, Kelly and the other supportive women / coaches who have inspired and encouraged me along the way. Today, I cannot imagine my life any different and as I long as I put in the effort, the results have followed! Yay for the FASTer Way!”

 – Sarah P.

What my clients' have to say...

As a mom we seem to put the needs of everyone else before our own. We are often overworked, stretched thin, and for lack of a better word - somewhat neglected. I spent the first few years of raising triplets in a state of perpetual motion, caring for their needs while being a full time working mom.

In full disclosure, I've been 'big' for more than half of my life. Listen, it's not like I was walking around every day hating myself, but I certainly wasn't happy when I saw myself in photos. While my bloodwork always indicated I was healthy, I could never understand why I had to be bigger than everyone else. I remember late last year saying It can't just be calories in/calories out...... there has to be something else". This year I lost 50 pounds, using the knowledge I learned in FASTer Way and my coach Kelly. I went from a size 18W to a 12 without working out even once AND without eating a single salad. What if you could meet your goals without any extra time commitment? What if you could change the way you look and feel with the small changes you make each day? ⁠FASTer Way isn’t a diet, it’s truly a lifestyle and I’m so grateful.

 – Holly

What my clients' have to say...

I have been a yo-yo dieter my entire adult life.I have spent thousands of dollars on the next big “weight loss” thing- gym memberships, at home gym equipment, shakes, pills, supplements, videos... If it was out there to buy, I gave it a shot.

Nothing worked. Sometimes they would for the short term, but nothing was sustainable. 

I joined a popular gym and was determined to be Fit by Forty. When I joined, I had 1 ½ years before my 40th birthday. I counted my calories and went 5 days a week. I saw results... until I was too exhausted and always injured from pushing too hard. There had to be another way! I wanted to keep going but I was hungry, tired, and my results had stalled. I decided to try the FASTer Way to Fat Loss because of the ENERGY the participants were raving about. I thought I had my food and workout routine figured out- I just needed energy to push through my plateau. BOY WAS I WRONG! (about all of it!)

Within two weeks I had the energy I was hoping for... and more than I ever imagined! I found out I could workout less and eat more and start seeing results again. I learned that everything I “thought” I knew from the fitness industry was a wrong. I learned that I can FEEL amazing and LOOK amazing with little tweaks to my normal everyday life. I learned that this is sustainable and I learned that this is how to life your best life. (and I still have 6 months before my 40th birthday!)

 – Emily


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